Werewolf Costume

Werewolf Costume is just plain fun for Halloween!

Werewolf Costume: werewolf costume

Strike fear into the hearts of the weak in this terrifying Werewolf Costume which includes: A plaid shirt with a jagged hem and attached faux fur on the arms and chest. An ani-motion wolfman mask, which moves with the movement of your own mouth is also included in this sinister style.

This Werewolf is out for blood…


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Werewolf Adult Costume: 

You’ll be the most frightful sight for kiddies on Halloween night! The red plaid shirt has a torn and rough edge; comes with fur edged latex gloves and mask.

You’ll be howlin’ at the moon all night!





The Werewolf:

The full moon has been linked to the werewolf. Conversely, unlike movie werewolves, ‘real’ werewolves change shape voluntarily.  A ‘real’ werewolf changes completely, becoming the animal rather than a hairy human. The full moon business seems to be dramatic license. However it is an interesting notion since the full moon has been associated with creating madness in humans and to be a time during which man and beast have a magical connection.


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