Scarecrow Mask

The scarecrow has been and will always be a loved Halloween mask and costume

Infant Scout The Scarecrow Costume
Infant Girls Scarecrow Costume

The Infant Scout Scarecrow Costume will make your  little gal so adorable. It comes with a dress, a matching hat, and, naturally, leggings.

ute and slightly spooky, so any girl would be glad to trick or treat in something as precious as this one!



Scarecrow Costume


Scarecrow Costume for Adults

Scarecrows don’t just sit still in gardens anymore. You can deplete the boredom of the scarecrow existence when you bring it to life.

Tan color top and pants with fringes to add to the scarecrow vibe!


Scary Scarecrow Mask - Batman


Scary Scarecrow Mask – Batman

Oh yeah, this scarecrow mask featured the latest Batman movies is sure to scare a trick or treater or 10.