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The success of all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies has spawned a whole new slew of pirate costumes… jack sparrow ring


And Captain Jack Sparrow is at the top of the list.

Having everything you need to complete a costume like Capt. Jack requires lots of accessorizing. The Jack Sparrow RingJack Sparrow Hair, etc., etc…  But once it’s all done, it’s totally worth it!

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Jack Sparrow Button Ring - Master Replicas Pirates of the Caribbean


Ironically, Sparrow spends very little on-screen time even on the Black Pearl, much less in charge of it, but he never stops referring to himself as captain.



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Jack Sparrow Bio:

Captain Jack Sparrows’ career as a pirate began when he refused to deliver a load of slaves. He was branded as a pirate, and his ship was scuttled. He made a deal with Davy Jones, a legendary pirate who had, upon his death become a sort-of god of the Caribbean sea, in which he would be allowed to have the Wicked Wench back from the depths in exchange for his soul. The ship was renamed the Black Pearl, and Sparrow got himself a new crew from among the fiercest pirates.

This turned out to be a mistake; after only two years, the crew mutinied and marooned Sparrow on an unsettled island. Although he did not stay there long, it kept him from his crew for ten years, while they sought Cortez’s stash of Aztec gold, he continued building a reputation in other ways.