Halloween Trivia

Halloween (Trivia Remix) – Trick Or Treat Costumes Goblins Candy & Questions


Halloween Trivia is not only REALLY FUN… If you bone-up on a few facts you can look like a true scholar in front of your friends. I mean, did you know that Snickers chocolate bar is the #1 choice of trick or treaters… Im sure your friends didn’t, either.

Playing some Halloween trivia games is a great addition to any Halloween party. And, if everybody is of age.., you can play some drinking games with Halloween trivia — Pop on an Amazing Spiderman Costume or maybe an Obama MaskIt’s a blast!

Besides all the fun you can have with Halloween trivia… Knowing some of these things makes you smarter. Like, what should you rub inside of your beautifully carves Halloween pumpkin to keep it from going bad?