Donnie Darko Mask

donnie darko mask

Donnie Darko Mask is easily one of the best customs for Halloween. Just toss this full mask over your head and you are
ready to go… But.., if you’re up for it you can also grab the full Donnie Darko Costume.An exact replica of Donnie Darkos haunting friend, the Donnie Darko Frank Mask includes a full overhead gray rabbit mask with white eyes and scary teeth and big ears.   It is a very twisted look for Halloween…  

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Donnie Darko:

Donnie Darko is a bright and charming high-school student who also has a dark and willfully eccentric side; he does little to mask his contempt for many of his peers and enjoys challenging the authority of the adults around him. Donnie is also visited on occasion by Frank, a monstrous six-foot rabbit that only Donnie can see who often urges him to perform dangerous and destructive pranks.

Late one night, Frank leads Donnie out of his home to inform him that the world will come to an end in less than a month; moments later, the engine of a jet aircraft comes crashing through the ceiling of Donnie’s room, making him think there might be something to Frank’s prophesies after all. The rest of Donnie’s world is only marginally less bizarre, as he finds himself dealing with his confused parents, his college-age sister, his perplexed analyst, a rebellious English teacher, a sleazy self-help expert, and the new girl at school who is attracted by Donnie’s quirks.


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