Batman Mask

The Batman Mask…

 Dressing-up as Batman for Halloween couldn’t be a better choice… From children all the way up to adulthood people love to dress like Batman.

And why not?

Batman has been one of the most beloved Superheros’ of all-time. Despite his dark demeanor people tend to relate very well to the Batman characters over the past decades. And that is what makes the Batman Mask so popular.

The Batman Mask is super-cool! And this is a beautiful mask and full cowl. You cannot go wrong with this amazing Halloween mask. Chasing down any unsavory types that cross your path…

And giving them a good scare, too.

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Batman is a fictional character created by the artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. A comic book superhero, Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939), and since then has appeared primarily in publications by DC Comics. Originally referred to as “the Bat-Man” and still referred to at times as “the Batman”, he is additionally known as the “Caped Crusader”, the “Dark Knight”, and the “World’s Greatest Detective,” among other titles.

Batman became a very popular character soon after his introduction and gained his own comic book title, Batman, in 1940. As the decades wore on, differing interpretations of the character emerged. As a little boy, Bruce Wayne is horrified and traumatized to see his parents, the physician Dr. Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha, being murdered by a mugger in front of his very eyes. This drives him to fight crime in Gotham City as Batman.

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