Batman Costumes

Adult Batman Costume for Men Batman Dark Knight Adult Costume:
The Batman Dark Knight – Batman Grand Heritage Collection Adult Costume and includes a black bodysuit to be worn under the molded armor pieces, gauntlets, Batman utility belt, black cape* and boot covers. An over-the-head mask with extended neck piece that can be tucked into the bodysuit is also included to complete this authentic Batman costume.  Get More Details

Batman Adult Costume Dark Knight
Batman Dark Knight Kids Costume:
This is the real deal for ANY child…

Buffed-Up, Muscle Batman Costume includes a sculpted muscle chest shirt jumpsuit with “armor” screen print on the pants portion, a Batman Mask/headpiece, a full length cape and Batman utility belt.
This Batman has got some style!


Dark Knight Costume for Kids - BatmanBatman Brave Child Costume:

Criminals will cower in fear when this daring Dark Knight is near. He’ll overpower them with his immense strength in this disguise, which includes a muscled Batman jumpsuit with attached boot tops and arm gauntlets, attached foam utility belt, courageous cape and masked headpiece (to hide his secret identity). The grunts of Gotham won’t know what hit ‘em!
Nobody will mess this pint-sized crime fighter!


Toddler Batman CostumeBatman Costume Toddler: 

To the Batmobile!

The Batman Brave & Bold Batman Infant/Toddler costume includes a classic Bat jumpsuit complete with the signature Batman insignia and utility belt decoration. A masked headpiece (to hide your secret identity) with a cape attached is also included in this heroic Batman Costume.
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Batman’s Bio:

Batman is well-versed in over 125 styles of combat. He learnt many strategies, combat moves and healing powers from African Bushmen, Monks and from experts like Kirigi (who taught him ninjitsu) and Harvey Harris who trained his detective skills. It is one of the most amazing Batman facts is the combat style.

One of the most interesting facts about Batman is the question of whether batman ever used a gun or not. If you thought that Batman never uses a gun, think again, there are several issues where our caped crusader is seen with a machine gun or two.

Batman’s key foes include the Joker, the Penguin, Two-Face, Riddler, Scarecrow and Clayface, most of them are declared criminally insane

The Dark Knight’s utility belt has an arsenal of innovative gadgets and weapons including popular ones like batarang, gas mask, a device for communicating, a line gun, smoke pellets, minicomputer, taser gun and many more. But, the one unique item is the Kryptonite ring that’s stored in a lead-lined box. It was given by Superman to weaken him if he ever goes against the law.

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